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Local Search is just that – searching for something that is specific to a geography. Typically local search is for a product or service near you, or where you will be traveling to. It can also be for other searches that are relevant to the local area such as weather, things to do, etc. As a small business, you are not trying to appear in the search results for a national search. While there can be positives from that – for example, if you write a blog sharing your expertise – it is not necessary to accomplish your business goal of attracting new customers. You want to reach people that can buy your product or service in the geography you serve.

National searches are much harder to compete for. If someone goes online to buy a TV, its hard to compete with Amazon and the many other choices available. Local Searches have far less competition. Moreover, the good news is Google favors local businesses. Their 2014 search engine update named Pidgeon was optimized for local.

Google’s goal is to make users happy. Can you imagine if you searched for “plumbers” and Google did this on a national level? There are close to half a million plumbers in the US. Google rightly assumes you need a plumber close to you (even if you do not put your location into the search), and only shows you local results. You as a business owner are the beneficiary. It is much easier for you to compete on a local level. It is a very achievable goal to rank high.

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Local Digital Presence Management

Directories are the most effective way to correctly display your business’s information to search engines. Displaying your name, address and phone number, or NAP, in high-authority directories like Angie’s List, Yelp and Manta help search engines find your business information and send positive local signals to your site.

  • Submissions to high domain authority/high traffic directories and data aggregators can provide the following for a local business:
  • A strong foundation on which to build SEO/SEM
  • Positive ranking signals to search engines
  • Validation & legitimacy for the business listing
  • An Increase in visibility across all search engines
  • An increase in website traffic
  • Quality backlinks to your website

Our technology solution provides every possible tool and resource needed for local digital presence management starting with submitting your business information to the top 50 List and Data Aggregators.


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