SEO Process

Preparation Phase The first phase of any SEO project is to select your target keywords.
Collect Target Keywords Using the keyword generator, 100’s of potential keywords are generated using over a dozen keyword research methods.
Identify Best Keywords Select the most profitable keywords from this report using the KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index) to form a short list for each landing page.
Website Assessment Phase Assess the status of your website by running a report to generate current rankings with all the major search engines.
Find Low Ranking Keywords Look at the current ranking for your target keywords. Identify the keywords that have low ranking and focus on improving them.
Website Improvement Phase Run the website audit to show all warnings or errors that negatively affect your ranking.
Fix Website Issues Fix errors and warnings according to the recommendations in the report to make your website search engine friendly.
Optimize Landing Pages Run an analysis of all website landing pages against their keywords to get detailed statistics and optimization recommendations.
Clean your Backlinks Run the backlink report to find all backlinks to your website. The Link Penalty Risk section will identify potentially harmful links that should be removed.
Find Competitors’ Backlinks Run the backlink report against your competitors’ websites and discover new backlink opportunities for your own website and how they\'re beating you in the rankings.