MultiMedia 360° Virtual Tours

MultiMedia vs Google

Google Business View Virtual Tours are published and hosted and controlled by Google. They are a great product but cannot be used for Real Estate virtual tours, and lack they lack multi-media features. MultiMedia Virtual Tours are hosted by Imagineer Design allowing full control of the final product and a wide array of multimedia .additions.

Google Virtual Tours only provide the visuals – the 360° panoramas. The multimedia virtual tour can be crafted into a guided tour with a wide array of additional content to enhance the user experience and fully describe the home or business.

Multimedia Features


Audio can be added to the entire tour (i.e. background music) or only one scene/view (i.e. spoken description or marketing message). Audio can be set to begin automatically, or only when the user clicks on the icon placed over the item being described in the scene.

Photos, Text Boxes

Any item in the scene can be hyperlinked to a photo to show more detail, or a text box that describes the item fully. Great way to highlight the features of a room – i.e. kitchen counter/appliances, hotel room features, etc.


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