Virtual Tours

Google Business View

Imagineer Design was the first Google Certified Photographer in the Monterey Bay Area when the program was first launched over 7 years ago.  Since then, Imagineer Design is a Level 8 Local Guide with 22,000 points and over 22.5 Million views of the Google Tours and photos.

Google Business View has gone thu many changes but is still very much alive and well and generating results for customers.

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Multimedia Virtual Tours

Imagineer Design also offers  MultiMedia Virtual tours, often as an adjunct to Google Business View.  These tours provide the opportunity to add additional content to the tour such as Video, Audio, Product Photos, Brochures and other textual content.

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Benefits of Virtual Tours

What can a 360 Panaromic Tour do for you?

Bring more customers and more revenue.  The most effective method to attract new customers is by making sure they understand what to expect from your product or service. The best way to do that is by showing them because a picture is worth a thousand words.

If that's true, then a Virtual Tour is worth many times that.

Virtual Tours vs Still Photos vs Videos

Still photos and videos create accurate 2D representations of parts of your business, but 3D Virtual Tours are the closest thing to recreating the actual experience of being there. They are fully immersive bringing customers inside your business. Photos and videos are not.

Still photos and videos only show your customers what the camera was pointed at. Virtual Tours are interactive allowing them to explore a space as they chose, in all three dimensions - right/left and up/down.  Your customers are in charge with total control of how to explore your business and therefore more engaged.

The most common comment we get from business owners is "wow, it's just like being there." Their countless entries through their front door imprint a familiar sensory experience that the virtual tour recreates.

Real-World Objects are More Memorable than Photographs of Objects.*

Science has shown that human visual perception, attention, and memory rely on a visuomotor system that perceives and interacts with real objects and environments.

What does that mean?  When a customer physically walks into your business, their perception of it, their level of engagement, and their memory of your business are influenced by far more than what they simply see with their eyes.  It makes sense when you think about it.  There is no comparison between the experience of looking at a photo gallery or video of a business and actually being their.

Virtual Tours provide the interaction with your business that is most similar to through the front door.  The result?  Customers gain a more accurate and memorable experience of your business with a Virtual Tour.  They feel more confident about what to expect when they go there.