Website Audits and Analysis

There are many free tools available to you on the web, and some firms use those tools in their paid services.  Imagineer Design made a major investment in one of the most complete sets of analysis tools available. The "industrial grade" tools were designed to be suitable for large websites that have a dedicated SEO person or team, but also for the smallest website. They dig very deep, but it's very easy to grab the low hanging fruit they provide and act upon

The tools dig very deep - deeper than you likely need to go - but in the process of doing that, they provide low hanging fruit you might not have found with the free tools.

Website Audit

This tool does an in-depth audit of your website. If flags structural and SEO issues, provides your page ranking, social media footprint, and many other details. You can view an example summary. This tool also provides actionable details to make it much easier to correct the glaring problems. By that, I mean exact pages and details about the issues to greatly facilitate the remediation process. Summaries such as the example are great to identify the problems and assess the health of your website, but not useful to the real task of prioritizing and fixing the issues. View Example Audit Report   For your free website audit Contact Us

Rank Tracking

This tool provides more comprehensive keyword analysis than the free Google tool. It also tracks your website ranking so you can monitor your progress.

Competitive Analysis

This tool is the gem in the toolbox. Somehow, either by design, trial-by-error, or even by accident, your competitors found a way to achieve a better ranking than you. The only thing you need to do to achieve page one status is to be as good as the competitors that are there now. Performing a website audit on their sites is the first step. Spying on all of the back-links to their website is the secret weapon and this tool does just that. This tool is also used on your own website so you can remove low-quality back-links that can harm your ranking.

Link Building

As discussed in the SEO section, link building is the next level of achieving a high ranking. In addition to analyzing your competitors' backlinks, this tool looks for new backlink opportunities that can positively impact your ranking.

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