eCommerce Websites

eCommerce is the ATM of the website world. It provides a convenience for your customers. It provides labor savings allowing you to leverage your current resources. It can extend your reach outside the geography you normally serve. And if done correctly, it can start printing money for you.

I won’t cite all the statistics about online shopping. We all know how prevalent it is, the only real question is how it can enhance your business. eCommerce can be as simple as taking online payments for your services as a convenience to your customers, or as complex as an online store.

WordPress is eCommerce ready and a popular platform for it. From simple payment gateways to simple shopping carts to full-featured online stores, there are plugins for all of them.

The most popular WordPress eCommerce platform is Woocommerce and this can build a fairly large store. It can even integrate with your inventory system and Quickbooks. It serves most small business well.

If your business is your online store, Imagineer Design also offers more advanced platforms or custom-built websites.