Copywriting (Content Creation)

Creating high-quality website content is without a doubt the most difficult and time-consuming part of creating your website. You might spend hours looking over websites trying to decide on a theme, colors, graphics, images, and layout, but that’s easy compared to writing high-quality content for your website.

If you’re a small business, simple, easy-to-create content that just lists the basic facts is often enough. A restaurant can get away with listing the hours of operation, menu, history, etc. The visuals of the website will do the heavy lifting of compelling the viewer to visit the restaurant by making both the ambiance and food look inviting. The menu is probably the most important thing they’ll read.

If you provide a professional service, it’s not the photographs of your office space, the stock photos on your website with happy people or calming images, or the attractiveness of your website design that compels a prospective client to contact you. These things certainly help, but a professional services website is usually the inverse of many small business websites when it comes to the 80/20 rule. With the restaurant example, the visual elements are probably 80% responsible for converting website visitors to customers, but for many professional services, it’s primarily the content.

Having said that, depending on your competition, product, or service, differentiating yourself with quality content that tells your story and forms a connection, can often make the difference in converting a website visitor into a customer.

Rule of Copywriting

The number one rule of website content is that every piece of it — sometimes down to the word — is for a specific purpose. You should be able to articulate what you’re trying to accomplish with any part of your content. Sometimes the purpose is to rank higher in the search results. SEO is very dependent on content, and if you’re trying to rank for a particular search, and Google does not see the content supporting that search or keyword, you will be unsuccessful. However, if you resort to “keyword stuffing” — the practice of including keywords more often than they would naturally appear — your prospective customers will not respond favorably, and neither will Google. Google’s has become quite sophisticated in recognizing high-quality​ content and can actually give you negative marks for “keyword stuffing”.

Content is primarily for people. It needs to speak to your prospective customers, not Google, and accomplish the goals of the website.

Copywriting Services

As with my other services, I provide content writing in several forms to accommodate different needs and budgets, from consultation to editing to actual content writing.

  • Consultation:  I can help get you started and guide you towards your unique content.  Unlike other services, I’m not going to tell you what you should say in order to attract the most clients or Google hits.  I do not believe in the tail wagging the dog.  I’m going to find out about you, your business, your goals, your strengths, your approach, your preferred customers, etc., and not force-feed you with my answers and perspective, but guide you to your own.  Your content is all inside your head.  I view my role as facilitator to get it out and down on paper (well, digital paper I should say).  I can help you maximize the alignment of your content with the keywords that provide the SEO results you need for top ranking.  Every aspect of your content needs to have a specific, deliberate purpose whether it is to inform, differentiate you, or form a connection online with a prospective client, but the key is making it authentically you.
  • Editing  I can assist with refining your draft content to be sure it meets the goals we’ve established.
  • Content Writing  Based on our interview and an ongoing dialogue, I can write the content for you and submit it for your review.