Website Design Services


Google Analytics is used by 85.9% of all the websites.

Analytics can give you extraordinary insight into the effectiveness of your website and the visitors that go there, but most small business owners struggle to set it up, and few are able to extract meaningful data.
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59% of users avoid doing business when there are basic copy mistakes.

Content is king. Your website serves no purpose if your content does not convert visitors to customers. It is also one of the main factors affecting your SEO.
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Website Design

46% of users say website’s design is the #1 criterion for discerning credibility.

When you visit a website that is not visually compelling in its design, what is your impression of that business? If your site is boring, outdated, or lacks visual content, consider a redesign or facelift.
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Mobile Websites

70% of Consumers Want Mobile-Friendly Websites.

More people view websites on their mobile devices than desktop. Google now ranks mobile-friendly websites higher in the search results. Local Searches lead 50% Of mobile visitors to visit to within one day.
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Reputation Management

85% of consumers read local business reviews

Your online reputation is key to your success. It comes from online review sites and mentions on social media, which can be harder to find.
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300% more website traffic comes from search than social media

Search is the #1 driver of traffic to websites. No matter how great the content and beautiful the website, what good is it if you’re not found. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to the success of your website.
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Social Media

71% of consumers are likely to purchase items based on social media referrals

Social Media can drive revenue. Even though 49% of Small Businesses use it, only 24% use it in a structured way. Many. businesses jumped on the social media bandwagon without a strategy and ended up disappointed as a result.
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75 Million WordPress Websites worldwide

30% of all websites are WordPress. It is flexible, cost-effective and easy to use. WordPress is the #1 choice for small business owners. It puts YOU in control.
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Audits and Analysis

Why drive blind? A website audit will give you an easy-to-read yet in-depth report on how you’re doing and what issues you need to fix. Even better, it can be done with your competitors so you can emulate what they’re doing right.
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Software Development

Imagineer Design has partnered with a software development and design firm in South America since 2009. It’s the perfect combination of local project management and talented yet cost effective development services.
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Website Mainentance

Websites are no different than your car, or house – they need regular maintenance to be at their best. Similarly, some work you can do yourself, other tasks you can’t, and it’s often easier to hire someone to do it for you to make sure it gets done.
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eCommerce Websites

Whether you need a high-end eCommerce website connected to Quickbooks and your inventory system, just want to offer a few products or online payments for the convenience of your customers, or something in between, we can help.
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