Website Analytics

You worked hard on your website and spent a lot of money, but how do you know it's working for you? Do you measure success by asking customers or clients if they found you from your website, or wait for them to volunteer that information? How can you figure out what's going wrong if you aren't seeing results? The answer to these questions is you will NOT know what's going on with installing and using analytics on your site.

Google Analytics

The good news is that Google makes this easy and the tool is free. It is a feature-rich tool that tells you everything you can possibly want to know about what is going on with your website. This might sound intimidating, and many people think Google Analytics is for "technical people", but the truth is, they designed it for real people. It is easy to use to gather the critical data about your site.

Why Every Business Owner needs Analytics

Nobody but you can make the business decisions that the powerful data provided by Google Analytics enables.

  • Is you website failing to bring new customers or clients? It is important to know why and address the issues.
  • How are customers finding you on the web? If the majority of them are searching for specific products or services to find you, it is important to know those high demand areas and potentially adjust your efforts to focus on them.
  • What are the demographics of your website visitors and how many find you on the go? What are the predominate age groups and how many people find you on their phone?

There are many more areas that analytics will shed light on and help you make important business decisions.